“For too long big money interests have put profit before progress offering you & your animals the same old failed options that cause more problems than they solve. Welcome to Vital Pet Health – The Solution.” ~Jason Donas CEO

We are fighting for your pet’s health with All Natural Pet Products.

We live in a toxic world with our animals at our sides. You don’t have to look far to see the evidence: Newborn babies come into the world with a “body burden” of pesticides already present. Our water is home to pesticides, heavy metals, and even drugs that have been dumped but not processed out by water treatment plants. Foods including breakfast cereals, fruits, and vegetables are now showing traces of glyphosate.

Our animals live much closer to the ground than we do, and they “test” everything in their environment with sensitive noses and tongues. Many commonly sold pet foods have been contaminated for decades with toxic byproducts as a starting source, including pentobarbital, the same drug vets use to euthanize animals.

Similarly, many flea and tick and heartworm “preventatives” are themselves neurotoxins that are designed to paralyze the pests. Is that really something you feel comfortable squeezing on your pet’s shoulders or feeding them as a “treat”?

Protect Your Pets from a Toxic World.

Odds are, you’re here because you’re trying your best to avoid all this in raising your animals to be healthy, vital beings with whom you can enjoy a long, joyful life.

Vital Pet Health is here to help you in your quest to bring out the best in your animals, even if they’ve already lived on our toxic planet for years. We have crafted some unique products to aid in cleansing toxins from your loved ones and to make them “immune strong” so they can react appropriately and intelligently to the challenges they face.

At Vital Pet Health, we source only the best, cleanest ingredients and consult with the top animal health experts. We know how to support your animals so they can detox and build a “bullet proof” immune system.

Naturally Occurring, Synthetic-Free, 100% Bioavailable Solutions are Available from Vital Pet Health

Have a look around and grab some of the planet’s best natural answers to the challenges our pets face. You no longer have to throw your hands in the air and accept that toxins are inevitable or that animal immune disease is the new “norm.”

All of us here at Vital Pet Health want to make sure your animals are doing more than just surviving. We want to make sure they are vital and thriving. From immunity boosters to detox formulas, we’re here to provide you with the solutions you need to do just that.

Try Vital Pet Health’s line of Non-GMO, Naturally occurring, synthetic-free, and cruelty-free micronized animal health products today!

Using our industry-changing, micronized and more potent formulas. All you need to do is shake-it, drop-it, or spray-it on your pet’s food and let it go to work in seconds!

  • I have a 6 y.o. Sheltie that has been a tick magnet since I got him 3 years ago.  He’s had ticks so bad that there would be 5 or 6 in one spot, leaving large wounds., and I’d sometimes pull of as many as 20 per day.  This was in spite of him being …

    Joy Metcalf

  • Quick story on this … I own a large pet sitting and doggie daycare. I had a customer with a collie, age 4, for three years coming to daycare. I push, push, push homeopathy and raw feeding as much as possible. The dog was having allergies that consumed him. Raw feet, raw armpits, and non …

    Wendi Manwiller

  • I’ve used transfer factor for over a decade and really have beat just about every cold and flu that’s been going around for all that time. I live in a small community, and see when sickness starts. At the first sign of a challenge, I immediately double or triple my dose. My immune system must …

    Will Falconer, DVM

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