How to Know You’re Made for Pet Ownership

Plenty of interchangeable words exist for someone who owns and cares for a pet. What is important to know is when you own something, YOU are responsible for its care and upbringing.

Homeowner vs. Renter

When you own a place, it’s a different responsibility than when you rent from somewhere. Renting feels temporary. Of course you still take care of the place you rent from, but it’s not as deep a responsibility as when you own a place. 

Owning gives a bigger responsibility because no matter what happens, YOU are responsible for any problems that arise. You’re in charge of upgrades, general cleanliness, and anything else regarding the home. 

The same is said for your pet. When you are the owner, you are in charge of everything. That means their cleanliness, their health, and all decisions for them. When your pet isn’t feeling like normal, it’s up to you to decide where to take them and what to do for them. 

With Ownership Comes Decisions

Your pet is not in charge of their life. They don’t decide where to live, what food to eat, or what Vet sees them. This is up to you which is why we are so persistent in being informed. We want pet owners to be as informed as they can because pets don’t have much of a say. 

When you’re in charge of making the big decisions you’re deciding whether or not to: 

  • Vaccinate
  • Medicate
  • Give Antibiotics
  • Give Raw or Processed Food 
  • Give Supplements
  • Symptom Suppress or Cure

These decisions can be overwhelming but it’s important to stay as informed as possible because it makes these decisions easier for you, and better for your pet. 

When you are informed your pet can stay healthy and live a longer vital life.

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