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Summer Activities With Your Pet

Since the summer has approached, it’s fun to enjoy the outdoors!   Although it’s hot, there are definitely fun summer activities you can do that can include your pets.   The most important thing to remember about these activities is to keep your pet cool! We want your pet safe!           […]

Essentials for Summer

With the summer comes more excitement and outdoor activities!  The last thing you want to do is leave your pet out of the fun. So how do you keep them safe and cool, especially in the warmer weather? We’ve included 11 must haves for your pet this summer! Sunscreen ($18) Yes your pets can get […]

Summer Mindfulness

Because the weather is only going to increasingly get hotter over the months, we want to talk about summer mindfulness.  We’ve recently discussed how to prevent and lookout for a heat stroke, but what about the other aspects of summer? There’s so many things to be mindful of as the weather increases. Below we’ve named […]

DIY Dog Pool For Beginners!

As the weather gets warmer, it’s vital that your pet stays cool! Depending on the breed, certain dogs can easily overheat. Once this happens, they can be at risk for heat stroke. In order to prevent this, one of the easiest ways for them to stay cool is a pool! Now of course we understand […]

Signs of Heat Stroke

The weather is becoming more beautiful outside everyday. But as we transition from spring to summer, the heat is no joke. When the temperatures start to increase, it’s important to know when your pet is getting too hot. We’ve discussed that roughly 90°F is too hot for your pet, but what if you don’t recognize […]

How Hot?

As it starts to warm up, having our pets outside with us becomes the norm.  We go on more walks throughout the day, and we might even take them to the dog park. But as the temperatures start rising, how hot becomes too hot for your pet? The problem with this question is that no […]

Is Chiropractic Care Right For My Pet?

Have you noticed your pet limping or feeling more sluggish than usual? Maybe they have an autoimmune issue that’s currently being treated. Or maybe there is nothing wrong with your pet. Regardless of the reason, have you ever thought to try chiropractic care? “Chiropractic refers to the practice of manipulating the spine to treat disease.” […]

Tips For Your Pet Aging

As your pet gets older, you start to notice a few changes… They might be sleeping a little more and playing a little less. But are there changes that you should be making in order to make their senior life a little easier?  Pets are considered “Senior” at around 7 years of age. This doesn’t […]

That Time of Year

It’s that time of year again.  We know the weather is getting nicer, and makes you excited to be outside! It’s the perfect weather for a cookout and a nice long walk with your pet. But it’s also that time of year again.  Allergy season. Maybe for you too, but specifically your pet. We’re talking […]

How to Approach Going Natural

Maybe you’ve noticed that your pet is more sluggish than usual, or maybe they’re experiencing health problems. Whatever the reasoning, you’ve decided to take a natural approach for your pet. If you know you want to switch to a more natural life for your pet, what approach is best?  Should you take baby steps and […]