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How to Approach Going Natural

Maybe you’ve noticed that your pet is more sluggish than usual, or maybe they’re experiencing health problems. Whatever the reasoning, you’ve decided to take a natural approach for your pet. If you know you want to switch to a more natural life for your pet, what approach is best?  Should you take baby steps and […]

Raw Diet Tips

We’ve discussed how to make the switch to a raw diet for your pet. It requires you to ditch the bags of food from the store and go all natural.  We also mentioned that this could take some time to adjust (for both you and your pet), but over time you’ll definitely notice some changes. […]

Science or Normalcy?

When we are giving recommendations for our pets, do we do so based on scientific facts or what we think we know? Sometimes we have heard something repeated over and over again that we think it to be true. But is it true or just repeated into normalcy? A few things we are talking about […]

Pet Adoption Tips!

Making the decision to add a furry friend to your family doesn’t come easy. You have to know whether or not this is the right decision for you and your family.  What if you know you want a dog, but you definitely want to go through the process of adoption?  We’re here to give you […]

Puppy Tips

Are you looking to add a new family member into your home?  It’s important to know what to expect and possibly have a few tips ready at hand for when your new pet arrives.  First, making this decision takes some planning. You have to make sure that everything is ready and you know what you […]

A Dive Into Your Pet’s Inflammation

To discuss inflammation your pets might be experiencing, we need to first understand inflammation itself.    So what is it? Inflammation is the body’s natural response to protect itself against harm. This sounds vague because it can describe a vast amount of scenarios.  We can discuss two different categories, both acute and chronic.  Let’s say […]

Do They Know How We Feel?

We’ve discussed before how beneficial of an impact our pets can have on us, but what if we flip the script? Is it possible that our pets can sense our emotions or even in turn feel the same type of emotions?    Yes.    Sad/Sick Dogs have the ability to know when you’re sad. Have […]

Flying Pets

When flying for a trip, you don’t want to leave your pet behind. But is it simple enough to show up to the airport and board the plane?  Not exactly.  There are a few requirements in order to board the plane with your pet! When speaking within the United States, let’s say hypothetically you’re traveling […]

Your Pets and GMOs

What Are GMOs? GMO stands for genetically modified organism. This is a manipulation of an organism’s actual DNA in a laboratory by the insertion of another species’ genes into the gene sequence of the target organism.  A common example is growing a GMO soy crop with herbicide resistance. “Roundup Ready” soy varieties allow a farmer […]

See For Yourself

You might wonder if switching to a natural approach actually works. Maybe you wonder if this approach will heal your animals and be worth it in the long run.  Here’s a reminder. You should only embark on this natural journey and stay on this path with knowledge and understanding. It’s best for your pet if […]