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Are Antibiotics Necessary?

Many times when your pets are sick or ill, the first thought is to take them to the Vet to see what’s wrong.  As you get there, they may start to run some tests to determine what’s wrong with your pet.  A common phrase that you might hear is, “Their white blood cell count is […]

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?  Does your dog suffer from chronic diseases that never seem to get better?  Every time you go to the Vet you’re given a new prescription to help fight off the symptoms causing issues.  These problems can range from chronic disease, to joint pain, and even seizures.    Magic […]

The Ancestor Diet

Did you know that when you feed your pet, you’re actually feeding a modern day wolf?  Genes from domestic dogs almost completely match with those of a wolf. So no matter what breed your pet is, they have the same digestive system, including food needs, as a wolf.  Although domesticated, animals still have hunting tendencies. […]

DIY Dog Teeth Cleaning

If you’ve had your pet since they were a pup or kitten, you know how bright white their teeth were.  If you look at that same pet now, check to see how their teeth look. Are they still a bright white? Or has the color gotten a little more dull?  If they still look white, […]

How to Care For Your Senior Pets

As your pet gets older, you may start to notice gradual changes.  They might start eating less, playing less, and sleeping more. You may even see some gray hair coming in.  But there are a few things you can do when it comes to care for your Senior pets.  Use species appropriate food: This means […]

Does One Size Really Fit All?

When you read the label on the bag of dog food, do you follow the recommended amount per serving?  These amounts listed are for the average dog in that weight range. It doesn’t take into account what isn’t “average.”  If we’re looking at an average, it would be somewhere in the middle. But to get […]

Is Your Mind in the Way?

Sometimes it takes seeing to believe.  This is especially true when it comes to going natural. It’s a different approach when it comes to caring for your dog, but in the end you’ll notice changes within your pet.  The usual routine will be entirely different such as:  No vaccinations  No heartworm medications given every month […]

Taking Responsibility

When something is wrong with your pet, your first thought might be to rush them to the vet.  You want the best for your pet, so why not take them to a doctor?  But we must take responsibility when it comes to healing our pets. The first step is understanding the severity of the problem. […]

How to Feed a Raw Diet

In some ways, a raw diet has been controversial. Some Vets claim that a Raw Diet may not be beneficial to your dog’s health, and recommend a typical brand that can be bought over the counter.  Although controversy is out there, a raw diet is evolutionary. Before we had chain stores to buy bags of […]

Remember to Stay Persistent

When you’re learning something new, it’s incredibly important to remain persistent and patient.  If you’ve ever played sports (or any hobby that required you to acquire a skill) you know exactly what I mean. In the beginning, the most basic of skills are difficult. Something that looks as simple as dribbling can be difficult.  So […]