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Important question for naturally-minded dog owners who are committed to raising magnetic, wildly healthy disease-resistant vital dogs:

What’s the primary difference between owners whose dogs stop frisbee tossers in their tracks at the park to ooo and aaah over them and dig their fingers into that shiny soft coat…

…and those whose dogs get walked at night to avoid shaming looks and risks of being called animal abusers because their coat is so horrible?

If you answered amazing new age groomers with the latest high end coconut mousse, you’d be wrong.

If you think it’s some all-organic, non-GMO grass fed exotic meat they’re sliding into their dog bowls every meal, you’d be wrong.

Or maybe that pricy Omega 3 oil that comes from Himalayan algae growing only in virgin hot springs at 7,000 feet in Tibet?


While fine ingredients and grooming may be lovely additions to achieving the dog of your dreams, none of those things go deep enough to get you to that “Wow! She’s HOW old??” moment as your dog belies her middle aged status by running circles around the grungy frisbee chaser while sunlight glints off her immaculate coat.

Because here’s the deal.

We’re in an Over-Prevention Crisis

Prevention should be something you can trust. It still holds hugely true that an ounce of it is far better than chasing a cure…

…when your dog is suffering skin allergies or worse
…when the side effects of treatment are often worse than the disease she started with
…when your bank account is getting drained by ineffectual attempts at curing Sadie’s man-made illness with unsafe drugs

Unfortunately, you’d be wise to distrust most prevention coming from conventional doctors, married to income and bottom lines as they all too often are.

Why? Here are the top reasons:

  • Over vaccination now runs rampant, contrary to all science (it’s as if the reality of long duration of immunity just doesn’t exist for Dr. WhiteCoat)
  • The types of poisons on the market for fleas and ticks continues to grow (often more toxic and more expensive with each successive generation)
  • Heartworm preventatives have been associated with seizures and autoimmune diseases (which can come anywhere after the first dose to years later)
  • Far from researching each new drug to come along, most often conventional vets rely on the word of drug reps (remember, I started out as Dr. WhiteCoat, so I know this well)
  • Raw feeding is also generally looked down upon because we weren’t trained in nutrition and drugs are so much easier to prescribe.

The bottom line has become that the greater you take part in the usual “prevention” of conventional medicine, the sooner your pet gets seriously ill.

How Your Dog Reacts to Over-Prevention

If you’ve ever suffered an itchy allergic dog in your pack, you’ve been a victim of over prevention.

Up at night, trying to stop Sadie from denuding her last remnants of fur…

Fitting her with yet another e-collar, as she wormed her way out of the last few, driven mad by the itch that seemed to appear out of nowhere (or did it? when was her prior vaccination given again?)…

Gaining at best very brief comfort from the drugs offered to “cure” her pitiable condition, as you read of others having serious side effects after using the “latest and greatest” from Big Pharma…

Smacking your forehead when you learned that itchy allergic skin or ears are the #1 reason dogs are taken to vets (true for well over a decade now)…

Or, the really scary ones, where that last dose of “prevention” lands Sadie in the emergency clinic at 2 am with autoimmune disease threatening her very existence.


You simply cannot afford to carry on as is, wondering if your next bit of prevention will be “The Big One.”

It’s clearly not a question of IF things will go badly for Sadie if something doesn’t change.

It’s only a question of WHEN.

Don’t let well meaning but misguided prevention dump you  at the mercy of costly, ineffectual side-effect ridden drugs–or the emergency clinic and its world of hurt, confusion, and massive expense..

Want to opt out of over-prevention without choosing “Umm…No Prevention?”

Get your Canine Immune Complete today!

Single jar, 60 doses for a 10-50 pound dog

                  ONLY: $99


POPULAR Autoship monthly, 1 jar of 60 doses

Special Locked In Discount: $89

Automatically shipped at your schedule so you never run out and never pay retail of $99

With All the Study and Effort You've Put in on Natural Health for Your Animals…

…isn’t it time you actually had some powerful tools up your sleeve to help Sadie never go to the dark place of serious illness caused by greedy over-prevention?

Maybe you’re not quite ready to stand up to your vet and call out your desires for Sadie’s prevention decisions. (If you are, bravo! You have my undying respect.)

Maybe you’d rather start slowly by having Sadie protected with a bullet proof resistance to vaccine injury and the immune breakdown that heartworm drugs often carry.

After all, she deserves to live a long, long carefree life with you, unburdened by chronic disease and drugs that can easily make things worse.

You deserve to see the fruits of your commitment to natural health play out on a daily basis and have a dog who brings joy to you and everyone she meets.

And you deserve a future unplagued by worry about harming your dear ones in the name of protecting them!

It’s time you FINALLY had a safety net that can not only protect Sadie from risky over prevention but can even help restore her lost health if that’s where she is today.

Some Dangerous Beliefs That Need Busting if Your Aim is to Raise Wildly Healthy Dogs in 2020 and Beyond

1. “Science Knows Best” (and can be fully trusted)

The more you engage in prevention fueled by Big Pharma (who often sells vets on its in-house “research,” skewed to cover up side effects and exaggerate benefits), the more risk you put your dog under. Science based on profits is not good science, it’s neither objective nor based on open-minded enquiry. It’s pure conflict of interest.

2. All vets have your pet’s best interests in mind

I know, he’s a great guy, your animals love him, his treats, and maybe his staff, but you mustn’t blind yourself to the fact that his bottom line comes first. If his clinic doesn’t turn a healthy profit every year, his business fails.

Does that help you understand why vaccines are pushed on you far more often than any immunologist would ever recommend? They are the least expensive, highest markup item in a practice. And a growing body of evidence shows them to be the single most risky procedure your animal goes through.

3. Vaccines are safe

Vaccines look safe to those doctors who refuse to look beyond a 48 hour window for a reaction.

The majority of illness that comes post-vaccination starts showing up roughly one month later. Allergies, with crazy itchy skin and/or inflamed, stinky ears top the charts for this phenomenon. And as mentioned, allergies are the #1 reason dogs see vets, true for 15 years confirmed by data. Allergies are chronic, meaning they last a long, long time.

4. My vet can fix anything

Conventional vets are not going to rescue your animals when their “prevention” goes horribly wrong.

Drugs at best might control symptoms, often at the cost of your animal getting worse the longer she’s on them. Conventional medicine has been unable to CURE chronic disease to date, and you shouldn’t expect that to change any time soon. Suppressing symptoms comes at a great expense, not only to your pet’s well being, but increasingly, to your pocketbook (priced Apoquel lately? It’s often prescribed with no end point in sight and its chief side effect appears to be cancer).

But, as these myths are slowly seen for what they are, good news and hope shines forth.

Using Powerful, Natural Prevention is Easier (and more critical) Than Ever!

While vaccines and pest killers and depleted toxic diets are what’s pushed on you in most conventional vet practices, you can give those all a healthy dose of “Vitamin N:”

NO, thank you!

You can easily marshal Mother Nature to address multiple concerns at once.

Concerns like:

  • My dog NEEDS TO BEAT any infectious disease coming her way (parvo, distemper, kennel cough, dog flu, what ever is on the threat du jour list at any given time)
  • My dog MUST AVOID becoming allergic to common things that are normal parts of her world (fleas, foods, grasses, trees, pollen)
  • My dog MUST STAY FREE of autoimmune diseases (growing in the past couple decades and putting innocent lives at risk as toxic drugs and vaccines are given far too often)
  • If my dog is already suffering with any of these, she MUST HAVE NATURAL OPTIONS to restore her God-given right to be happy and healthy and live a long life!
Now that I’ve been in practice for 40 years on “both sides of the fence,” it’s become abundantly clear that
—> Science has its greatest impact when it examines what Nature already provides to keep her beings safe and healthy.
—> You, and you alone, have your animals best interests at heart. 
—>  Whether you’ve made your mind up about vaccines or are still studying them, you deserve a way to minimize vaccine risks.
—>  You absolutely should have natural alternatives that are both safe and effective to call on when Sadie is ill. Even if you’re trying drugs right now and worrying about how long it’ll be before side effects show up.
Because here’s the thing:

You never want to be in a position of powerlessness when it comes to prevention and health care choices for your animals.

That never turns out well.

But neither do you have time or the inclination to put yourself through vet school to protect your loved ones.

I’m happy to report you don’t need to do that. Not even close.

Easy street is adding a tasty, well tested, super immune building powder to your favorite hairy family member’s feeding dish a time or two a day.

With her bullet proof immune system at work, your concerns change to an appreciation of what’s possible when you work with Mother Nature on your side.

You’ll have the power to:

1. Shrug off the infectious diseases that could threaten unprotected dogs. Based on so many owners’experiences (and my own), while other dogs around you may be coughing and needing more rest for several days, your bright-eyed shiny full of energy specimen will be asking when the next opportunity to play full out is coming. “Huh, mom? Huh? When, when??” Wag, wag!

2. Ditch the worry about Sadie getting the common plague of allergies you hear all too often in other dogs. Long lists of things to avoid in the food dish? Or in the environment? Bah, who’s got time for such hassles?! When Sadie is so healthy fleas jump off of her, that worry becomes drowned in a sea of joyful admiration of what a balanced, vibrantly vital dog looks like.

3. Kick concerns of autoimmune disease right to the curb. Autoimmune disease means immune systems that have run completely amok. So confused, they miss the distinction between “bad guys” (germs and cancer cells) and “self” (her own red blood cells, platelets, ligaments, thyroid gland, etc.)

Immunologists like Dr. Richard Bennett have known for decades that “a strong immune system is a balanced one.” Your Sadie’s immune system gets and stays strong and balanced with your regular prompting with a daily helping of a supplement with more than 50 years of research behind its chief ingredient!

That means if you must get a vaccine for some reason, you just schedule a solid week or two before and after to make sure Sadie gets her “treat” added to her food, and you should both be able to sleep like babies. Or like a dog who’s so healthy she’s not got a care in the world.

What’s more, you don’t have to be dependent on Big Pharma’s toothless answers if Sadie is already fighting allergic skin disease or worse. You’ll have a powerful tool to help her by calling on Mother Nature, knowing she’s not going to have unmentioned side effects as she restores balance to an immunity gone a bit off track.

…as for vaccines actually causing the disease itself, it’s still happening. Today. My dog Kira had the intranasal bordetella vaccine and 6 hours later, she had full-blown bordetella. The vet actually told me it was impossible. So I marched Kira into her office and asked “really, look at her”. Never again.
Leah Brill
The last health inspector didn't even ask for vaccine records on the dogs. She was so taken with their "vibrance" and beauty, it never occurred to her. That makes me happy. That same thing happened recently when I was invited to visit a Catholic school with Jeanie, the German Shepherd. She is stunningly beautiful.
Tracy Lane
Austin, child daycare owner

Meet the Team Behind the Best Immune Support Yet

Our complementary backgrounds in natural health melded on this special project to bring out the immune support your pet needs now:

  • Will Falconer, DVM has been a vet since 1980 who left conventional practice 7 years in, convinced there had to be a better way.
  • Graduated from the very first class of Dr. Pitcairn’s Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy in 1992-93, with an an eye-opening and sensible way to view and treat the most difficult diseases of our day.
  • Discovered the treasure trove of research that had been amassed on transfer factors (TF) in 2004 and recognized how much human and animal suffering actually boiled down to immunity being off the tracks. Started immediately taking TF and sharing it with his patients and blog readers and seeing sterling results. 
  • Went from naïvely believing all he had to do was publish the obvious observations that so many were seeing that over vaccination, devitalized food, and poisons for pests was destroying your pets’ health, to radically calling out the reasons some vets should be FIRED far more often than they are. That passion to teach natural prevention has only grown stronger with each successive generation of animals ironically being damaged the more they were brought to conventional vets.
  • Dr. Scott Treadway has a long history of nutritional innovation. In 1975, he established one of the first manufacturing plants that focused on “food source” botanical vitamin and mineral based supplements, setting the precedent that many companies later followed.
  • In 1980, a family tragedy taught him the healing power of herbs and propelled him into a seven year research program in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine that resulted in his doctoral degrees in both fields.
  • In 1981, Dr. Treadway introduced Americans to the first Shilajit based Ayurvedic supplement. Tribulus and others followed, bringing Ayurveda, the most ancient system of medicine, into the main stream.
  • A keen researcher and a dedicated natural health doctor, Dr. Treadway has added complementary herbal extracts to Dr. Ramaekers’ formula to add even greater immune boosting potential as well as natural anti-inflammatory responses.
  • Jason Donas, a former Military Intelligence Officer who like many in his generation had their course shaped by the events of September 11, 2001 spent years in both military and civilian government capacities before returning to his roots as a health enthusiast to follow his purpose of helping people with their health including raising their Health IQ not only to benefit them but also their pets. With over 25 years of experience, training and self guided research in the fields of health, nutrition, detoxification, Ayurveda and bio-hacking he’s committed himself to a path blessed by Saint Raphael the Archangel of health and healing. Utilizing the skills, training and education acquired through the last 25 years in both the military and as a civilian, he along with his partners Scott and Will aim to deliver an unparalleled approach to educating their clients and delivering to them the finest products on the market.
  • Motivated by the love of animals, especially our own domesticated companions, he’s committed to the re-education of interested pet owners who have been purposely misguided for far too long by the big money interests that benefit from this misinformation and the willingness of owners to spend on their pets.
  • He felt the love and loyalty shown to us by our most cherished companions deserved the unequivocal best, and has worked with his distinguished partners, trailblazers in their respective fields, on this passion project that will deliver to you and your pets the cleanest, Non-GMO, Soy Free, Preservative-Free, whole-food sourced, naturally occurring, human quality animal supplements on the market today. Using their unique Micronization technology, which is more potent than liposomal delivery systems thus making these nutrients more bio-available, your four legged family members will enjoy the benefits of enhanced absorption, better health and all the while making our products more cost effective.
  • This technology has never been available for your pets before, until now. Until Vital Pet Health! 

When Paths Like This Merge, You Win!

As you can likely see, you’ve got a dedicated, thinking-outside-the-box team working on this remarkable immune booster to help you help your animals!

We’ve collectively got a quarter century of formal training behind us in medicine, not counting all the private research and continuing education we’ve individually achieved. We’ve all been in practice and know well the issues that challenge you, whether “you” means you, the human, or “your animals,” who regularly face the same troubles inherent in living in our increasingly toxic and Big Pharma dominated world today.

The formula we’re jointly bringing to your animals (dogs first, but a cat, equine, and sooner yet, a human version are in the works!) has been a long labor of love, starting many years ago when Dr. Ramaekers started refining the formulas that lead to 4Life Research’s now defunct animal health line. He’s invested a great deal of time, energy, and personal finances in patenting several of the formulas and processes that inform what’s soon to be your favorite line of supplements.

Necessity is the mother of invention and now, as in no time in our history, it’s absolutely necessary that you have safe and powerful tools available to both prevent and treat illness. Our team is committed to providing you with the most clean, natural, and highly efficacious supplements to help you and your animals.

Three Weeks – Huge Improvement In My Dog’s Skin (Amazon review of 4Life version, Aug 21, 2018 by M.D.)

“I have a dog that is allergic to cat and human dander (among other environmental items and foods). She’s been on various medications and supplements most of her life (a little over 2 yrs now). Nothing I’ve tried ever completely clears her skin, until now. Three weeks ago, I started using Transfer Factor, a little more than 1 scoop per day, split in half with her morning and afternoon meals. She enjoys the taste (I just sprinkle it on her food.) Her weight is 54 lbs.

About 2 weeks in, I started to see a noticeable improvement in her skin. As of yesterday, there’s only the slightest hint that any sores were ever on her belly and inner legs. She does still have bald spots on her back and outer legs that have been there for month (from older sores that were bad but have since healed.) I’m hoping with continued use, she’ll have complete remission of these allergic reactions, as well as a return of her hair. But healthy skin alone would be amazing!

Very impressed so far. I’ll try to remember to do another update as to whether her skin remains clear and if any hair grows back. This is the best she’s ever been so I have high hopes. I did check with her vet before giving her this product. After reading the ingredients, he fully approved of trying this, and was happy to hear it is working for her.”

Before and after image with results on dog's skin
Basis for Natural Rearing protocol

Transfer Factor Canine is part of my natural rearing protocol on my 6 dogs to help to combat heartworms naturally without the use of parasiticides. It has been instrumental in receiving two years worth of negative HW tests. They only take it during HW season here in Houston, TX. Now I am using it with 12 week old puppies as part of their very controlled natural parvo/distemper innoculation instead of vaccines. This and a raw diet is the basis for building strong immune systems to receive the antibodies but not the disease itself. And the impact it has had on these puppies is amazing - smart, happy, loving, thriving dogs is a joy to see.
Kelly Hall image
Kelly Hall
The preventive approach of Ayurveda is in keeping with our concerns as physicians to guide our patients to develop an invincible immune system. This system of medicine has the capacity to create an ideal society of happy, healthy individuals who can live long enough to enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer.

Dr. Scott Treadway is an exceptional Ayurvedic scholar with over twenty years of intimate experience and hands-on practice and is uniquely qualified as a path cutter in the modem rediscovery of Ayurveda. With his invaluable work we are now beginning to tap the vast potential of Ayurvedic wisdom in the West.
Dr. Michael Gerber, M.D., H.M.D. – Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine
Michael L. Gerber, M.D.
President of the Nevada Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association
(past president of the Orthomolecular Medical Association)
It is hard for me to find words of gratitude for your help to me and my family. After nine months of your special diet, supplements and follow up my oncologist tells me that there is no traces of the breast tumors and calcifications. Also, my sister has completely recovered from her onset lupus. What you have done for us is simply amazing. God bless you.
Linda Wetherbee
patient of Dr. Scott Treadway
Chris, you are in the position as a retailer to impact SO many animals’ lives! Embrace everything Dr. Will teaches. Take every course he offers. Read everything he writes. He’s amazing and I help clients every day with what he has taught me. I soak up everything he and others like him offer within different modalities and my and my clients’ animals are better for it
Lorin Grow
Pet retailer, Redlands, California


Canine Immune Complete!

The most advanced immune building supplement available, harnessing Nature’s best prevention and treatment strategies to ensure your your pet’s immune system is strong, responsive, and resilient in the face of any challenge

Over 50 years of research has gone into this product, refined and reformulated until it effectively answers the biggest risks your dog faces:
  • Dog-to-dog contagious diseases like parvo, distemper, kennel cough, dog flu and the “next new thing” that makes the news. You’ll eliminate this concern by feeding this “best in show” formula that quietly keeps your dog’s immune system on full alert, ready to engage at the first sign of a foreign germ trying to get the upper hand.
  • Allergy prevention by way of immune strengthening, not the impossible “dog in a bubble” avoidance that allergy testers would have you believe is somehow possible. Your dog will be able to eat any healthy foods, sustain the occasional flea bite, or be out in the lushest of grasses and weeds without itching, or getting inflamed sensitive skin or ears.
  • Autoimmune disease avoidance, as you train your Sadie’s immune system to achieve balance with regular doses of this tasty powder added to her food. You can’t afford to have her attacking her own cells! You’ll know to double down on dosing before and after immune challenges like vaccination or heartworm meds, and greatly lessen her chances of having deadly side effects that can land her at the emergency vet, fighting for her life.
  • Cancer protection by keeping your dog’s immune surveillance working at its maximum potential. That means the regular occurrence of wayward cancer cells are quickly taken out and eliminated by Sadie’s balanced and fully aware immune system. We don’t allow your kind in this healthy body! Be gone!

Canine Immune Complete is for you if you want to keep your loved ones from becoming statistics:

  • — Cancer is the #1 killer of dogs over “middle age”
  • — Allergies and itchy skin or inflamed ears remain the commonest reason dogs see vets
  • — It seems a “new” strain of some infectious agent makes the news regularly, including the fearsome “superbugs” that few to no antibiotics can touch

Can you see how strengthening immunity is the wisest approach to prevention? When we work with what nature already provides and make it stronger, you’ve finally got the best strategy of all to keep your animals safe, wildly healthy, and living long.

Why You’re Here

You’ve already taken steps in the direction of naturally raising your best animals possible. Food, vaccines, pest control, all these things are already on your radar.

You’ve likely suspected that strong immunity is not only a necessity but that it can be built and maintained without risky procedures like vaccination. (Nature has a far better plan…)

You’ve heard of and perhaps used products that are based on Transfer Factors, those natural molecules that transfer immune intelligence from mothers to offspring.

Maybe you’ve been one of those who’ve used my past recommendation of 4Life Research’s Canine Complete and seen your itchy dog finally get some sleep. Or seen tumors shrink back when the diagnosis of cancer seemed like a dark alley that dead-ended in heartache and loss.

If you used that product successfully, it likely caught you by complete surprise when 4Life dropped it (along with their entire animal health line) without so much as a courtesy announcement.

You could also be here as you’ve read my recent emails about my efforts to bring even more powerful Transfer-Factor-based immune products to market. My passion is to not only fill the void left unceremoniously by 4Life Research, but to bring a far more potent immune enhancing product to you and your animals.

And our radically better replacement is ready to ship!

Wait: Why Transfer Factor?

For those wondering why this product is built around Transfer Factors, let’s review what’s known about TF and why I’m so excited to be bringing this to your animals. There are several unique benefits to using Transfer Factors to build immunity.

Transfer Factors are 100% natural and non-toxic at any dose

Sourced from cow colostrum and egg yolk, these have been purified by a patented process and studied extensively for over 50 years

TF is a tiny molecule, absorbable by any age animal

Colostrum’s antibodies and other factors are not absorbed by adults and can be destroyed by digestion

Transfer Factors cross species lines, i.e. cow TF can boost immunity in dogs, horses or people, as can egg yolk TF

That means you don’t need species specific sources of TF to benefit animals or people

When tested against other known immune boosters, TF far surpassed the activation of NK cells

NK = natural killer cells, one of Nature’s primary defenses against both germs and cancer cells

There is synergy when TF is combined with certain mushroom species, beta glucans, and specific probiotics

Synergy is key: it means there’s likely at least a doubling of the effect of TF alone

TF is “the brains” of colostrum. It’s worth purifying as it would take a gallon of colostrum to get a mere 3 grams of TF

That means you get the part of colostrum that counts to bolster your pet’s immune system and none of the rest that could be allergy inducing or merely expensive protein

You can see there’s a strong foundation of reasons Transfer Factor is the base ingredient of Canine Immune Complete.

But, where would it apply to your dog in your quest to have her vitally healthy and disease resistant?

Here are just some of the common applications.

Where Canine Immune Complete Will Help Your Dog

Giving your dog a stronger immune system makes sense in several different scenarios. Here’s just a few that should be top of mind:

Infectious challenges

  • Kenneling, to prevent kennel cough
  • Shows and gatherings, to prevent dog flu or other contagious diseases
  • If avoiding (or delaying) puppy vaccines, to prevent parvo and distemper
  • Employing a natural exposure protocol for parvo and distemper: use CIC to bolster your pup’s “immune intelligence” so brief exposure is assuredly safe and immune response is stronger
  • Mange: Demodex is purely an immune deficiency disease. You’ll prevent that when immunity is super strong in your pup
  • Positive Lyme titer with no visible disease symptoms
Briard dog at a show

Preventing Vaccinosis and Maximizing Response to vaccines

Let’s say you decide you need to vaccinate for one reason or another. Maybe you’re traveling overseas or moving to Hawaii and rabies is required, no way around it.

You’d want two things to “go right” for your dog in this scenario:

  • No illness after vaccination, aka “vaccinosis,” a 100+ year old term of diseases observed to follow vaccines in all species
  • High titer and cell mediated immune response to the vaccine, so the immunity from vaccination is strong and long lasting


Treatment of illness

  • Hypo- or Hyperthyroidism (the first is autoimmune attack, the latter is a tumor)
  • Allergic itchy skin or inflamed ears (this is “immune confusion” at work, usually after vaccination, and has been significantly helped with this formula)
  • Mange: if you’ve taken on a pup with it, getting her immune system strong is your wisest approach, so she can fight these mites herself. No need for poison dips!
  • Surgery/Dentistry: use immune enhancement and opt out of routine antibiotics (which destroy Sadie’s microbiome, where 80% of her immune system lives)
  • Autoimmune Disease: immunologists know a balanced immune system is a STRONG one. This is an excellent way to restore balance so the immune system stops attacking “self.”
  • Cancer: just an immune system “asleep at the switch”, allowing mutated cells to grow into tumors. Wake it up with this formula! (hint: higher dosages will do the best work here)
We have been giving this to our dog who was diagnosed with mast cell tumors, and he has been going strong for 2.5 years
Jane Jones
Orig 4Life Canine Complete
My kittie cat who has dementia. His name is Bowtie. I have been giving him your formula for a little over a month now. Well, you were right when you said I should see a change. I actually saw a change in the first week. He is not so much in a fog anymore. I feel it has been a great benefit for him. I am very happy things have improved.

Thank you so much on behalf of Bowtie and me!!
Original upgraded formula
Best advice from you…(TF Canine Complete)! It has worked wonders with Dylan Dog! Not only is his coat coming in evenly, he is scratching less, the color of his coat is richer, he is happier, he is much calmer and his cognitive abilities have increased tremendously! He's not all of the way there yet but I'm extremely happy with the improvement and so is his vet! By the way, the vet and I have come to an more vaccines!
Dana Flemming
Vital Animal Pack member
I’ve used transfer factor for over 15 years and really have beat just about every cold and flu that’s been going around for all that time. I live in a small community, and see when sickness starts. At the first sign of a challenge, I immediately double or triple my dose. My immune system must go into overdrive at that point, as the “I’m starting to get a bug” feeling never gets fully manifest. Life goes happily on without bothersome sickness and lost productivity. I’ll never be without it after seeing what it’s done for so many of my patients and in my own body.
Will Falconer, DVM

What a Bullet-Proof Immunity Means for Your Dog

Here are some benefits you can expect:

  • When Sadie visits a kennel or show and she’s previously taken her immunity enhancing supplement, she won’t get the cough or the flu that the other dog owners report. It just won’t show up, Sadie’s immune system “took it out” before the disease could even start.

(This is backed by research on hundreds of calves, pre-dosed with TF before getting jammed onto a truck for the long journey to their new home, miles away. They were cheek and jowl mingled with lots of other calves from lots of other farms, and the data clearly showed significant improvement in both sickness and death rate of treated animals compared to past untreated calves.)

  • Dogs suffering from allergic itchy skin start to regrow their coats as their itch subsides, often for the first time in months or years of trying everything else. The family regains their lost sleep patterns as Sadie is finally able to rest when the lights go out, no longer driven crazy by The Itch.
  • Those whose ears are swollen, red, and often foul smelling will similarly start to clear up on regular doses of the new Canine Immune Complete. 90% of these cases are also allergy related and the suffering these dogs go through often combines non-stop itch with pain in the ear. The affected dogs want so badly to scratch the itch they feel in their ear canal but the pain scratching causes stops them short. Every step can be a suffering experience, as many are worsened from movement of the head. Even shaking their ears is too painful for many.
Dog scratching ears pavement

Slowly but surely, these “allergy ears” start to smell better and look better and Sadie just becomes less bothered until they return to normal. And once again, your household goes back to normal, with sleep at night and no stench pervading the rooms Sadie is in.

Is all this the result of suppressing the immune system like Apoquel or Cytopoint or prednisone do?

No! Quite the opposite, in fact. By strengthening the immune response, balanced immunity is restored and allergies become a distant memory. The immune system was never intended to attack oneself or over react wildly to normal foods, insects, or plants. That’s only happened because of man’s intervention, most often in the name of prevention.

The Difference

By now you know that the difference between a drop dead gorgeous dog who turns heads and turns dog lovers’ knees to jelly and a dog that’s an embarrassment to look at and a complete hassle to care for boils down to…

A fully functional, highly intelligent, BALANCED immune system. (Of course a balanced species appropriate diet and wise choices around vaccines and pest control are also key ingredients, but one step at a time…)

Let’s wrap this up with some straight talk.

If you’re a dedicated dog owner concerned for your companion’s health and longevity, you already know Mother Nature has built in mechanisms in place to keep Sadie more than just “surviving.”

She’s way smarter than that. She’s got systems in place to allow Sadie to glow with a health that’s strikingly obvious to the onlooker lucky enough to cross paths with her, let alone her nearest and dearest: YOU.

When you see wildlife shows on TV and see magnificent wolves and sleek panthers, you intuitively know about this innate intelligence which Sadie too possesses. It’s only when man steps in and adds his narrow minded ideas on how Big Pharma could “help” that things go wrong.

wolf looking at you

If you’ve ever lived with an allergic, itchy pet, you need Canine Immune Complete to prevent that living hell from ever returning.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have a dog go into seizures shortly after a neurotoxic pesticide was given to kill heartworm larvae (like Trifexis) or fleas (like Bravecto), you need Canine Immune Complete.

(Do poisons make anyone healthier?? Umm, NO, but are parasites even attracted to a bullet proof wildly healthy animal? NO! They’ll move on, looking for the weak and sick.)

If you’ve ever felt pressed to give yet another rabies shot to your already multiply-vaccinated dog because of “the law,” then you need Canine Immune Complete to keep Sadie’s immune system from becoming confused and turning on her.

In short, if you live with a dog today and your goal is to keep her super healthy and out of the swamp of chronic disease that so many fall into today, you need something to HELP Mother Nature do her work even better. Supporting your dog’s immune system with something created by her makes inherent sense.

“Do no harm” is the least you can do, but Canine Immune Complete takes you a large leap above that:

You can set your loved one up to THRIVE!

Thrive even if bad things have taken place, like one shot too many. One drug too far.

Thrive if you have to interact with Dr. WhiteCoat’s brand of prevention until you chart your own course.

Thrive once more, even if she’s down on her health right now, as you look down and stroke her, seeing the lights that have dimmed in her tired eyes.

You owe it to her and to yourself to just give this powerful well-researched natural immune strengthening supplement a try.

Time is Not on Your Side

The stakes grow higher each year that you continue to be part of conventional medicine’s profit machine without a source of natural support to minimize its risks. From my forty years of practice, I can tell you clearly that animals are sicker and afflicted with more serious diseases earlier in life than they were in 1980 when I entered practice.

And the costs of caring for animals with these diseases has sky rocketed.

Continuing to partake in that “prevention” approach is no longer an option. You know too much now. You care too much to allow unthinking profiteering to call the shots for your loved ones.

And you know no one but YOU has your animals’ best interests at heart.

Take the step towards independence and wise prevention. It’s never been easier and it’s never been as critical to do so as it is right now.

Single jar, 60 doses for a 10-50 poind dog

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Your order will come by US Mail (international orders now available, too!) to the address you provided.

You’ll open the new jar at Sadie’s next meal and sprinkle the prescribed dose from the label on her food. Each jar has a pre-measured scoop inside. It tastes great and will stick to moist food for easy consumption. If you are feeding dry kibble, you may want to wet it first slightly so this immune packed powder will stick and not be left in the bottom of Sadie’s dish. Or, you can top dress your kibble with a raw egg or a some raw hamburger and get the powder in more surely with some extra nutrition. (If Sadie needs to loose weight, you can reduce the amount of kibble by the amount of egg or raw meat you add).

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