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A Dive Into Your Pet’s Inflammation

To discuss inflammation your pets might be experiencing, we need to first understand inflammation itself.    So what is it? Inflammation is the body’s natural response to protect itself against harm. This sounds vague because it can describe a vast amount of scenarios.  We can discuss two different categories, both acute and chronic.  Let’s say […]

Do They Know How We Feel?

We’ve discussed before how beneficial of an impact our pets can have on us, but what if we flip the script? Is it possible that our pets can sense our emotions or even in turn feel the same type of emotions?    Yes.    Sad/Sick Dogs have the ability to know when you’re sad. Have […]

Flying Pets

When flying for a trip, you don’t want to leave your pet behind. But is it simple enough to show up to the airport and board the plane?  Not exactly.  There are a few requirements in order to board the plane with your pet! When speaking within the United States, let’s say hypothetically you’re traveling […]

Your Pets and GMOs

What Are GMOs? GMO stands for genetically modified organism. This is a manipulation of an organism’s actual DNA in a laboratory by the insertion of another species’ genes into the gene sequence of the target organism.  A common example is growing a GMO soy crop with herbicide resistance. “Roundup Ready” soy varieties allow a farmer […]

See For Yourself

You might wonder if switching to a natural approach actually works. Maybe you wonder if this approach will heal your animals and be worth it in the long run.  Here’s a reminder. You should only embark on this natural journey and stay on this path with knowledge and understanding. It’s best for your pet if […]

Want Your Dog to Smell Better?

If you notice your pet has an odor, you might find pet deodorants or some kind of odor blockers. If you’re wanting your dog to smell better, do you think a pet deodorant is the fix? Even if the deodorant is all natural and essential oil based, it probably isn’t the way to go.  Think […]

Healthy Pup Happy Life

Raising a healthy pet starts as soon as they are born and continues all throughout their life. In order to do this it takes a little bit of knowledge and consistency.  By understanding how you can best help your pet, they can live life into old age, free of chronic disease.  The steps below take […]

Stay Consistent

When switching to a raw diet for your pet, it’s important to stay consistent. Although you may notice beneficial changes soon, the bigger picture is important to keep in mind. Many people switch to raw diets for their pets in order to help with chronic disease or weight issues their pets might face.  If your […]

Watch Out For Fluoride

Because fluoride is a natural element found in the earth, it may seem like it’s no harm. We also hear about fluoride being great for our teeth, so we don’t pay any mind to it potentially being negative.  If you’re trying to raise healthy, vital animals, it’s important to know what they are consuming. Once […]

Questions to Ask Your Holistic Vet

Holistic vets look for treatments for your pets that are natural. Side effects and risks shouldn’t come along with your holistic vet’s treatment plan.  It is typical that someone seeing a holistic vet has thought about the danger of vaccines and is looking to avoid them. Your holistic vet shouldn’t push them on you and […]