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Vaccine Then Procedure?

If you’re someone on the Homeopathic route and are avoiding vaccinations, this is for you.  It’s important to know how to tell your Vet what you want. This is especially important if you have a pet you want to spay or neuter. Your vet may say that it’s a requirement to get the rabies vaccine […]

Are You A Pet Owner?

Plenty of interchangeable words exist for someone who owns and cares for a pet. What is important to know is when you own something, YOU are responsible for its care and upbringing. Homeowner vs. Renter When you own a place, it’s a different responsibility than when you rent from somewhere. Renting feels temporary. Of course […]

Medicine Won’t Cure Disease

When discussing modern medicine and homeopathy, one main difference pops out. Homeopathy works to cure the patient, modern medicine doesn’t. Cure means: The disease is eliminated The “whole patient” improves (feels better, looks brighter, has more energy, etc.) The betterment lasts without the continued use of medicine If you have ever had someone close to […]

Are You Being Fooled?

When you go down the pet food aisle do you know what you’re looking for? Are there specifics you look for when choosing your dog food brand?  If you’re like the average consumer, it’s easy to be swayed by the misleading labels, claims, and colors on the bag. It’s easy to look at a bag […]

Should You Follow The Norm?

You’re told by your Vet that it’s necessary to revaccinate. You also see many of your friends with pets getting their dogs the annual vaccinations “required,” so it makes sense that you would do the same too, right?  Not exactly.  Although you are able to make your own decisions as to whether or not to […]

The Flu Blues

We’ve already felt the shift in temperature. The leaves are falling and the seasons are changing. This also means that as it gets colder, more illnesses seem to pop up. One especially–the Flu.  Keeping your dog safe is a huge priority, but “safe” can look different to a variety of people. So what exactly are […]

Is it Real Milk?

Grocery shopping is a task in itself, let alone for the specific brand you choose from the items you have on your list. As you ponder the aisles you typically have two options, organic, or regular. The price is a little bit more for organic, but it’s supposed to be of better quality and taste […]

Pet Food “Ingredients.”

When you take a walk down the pet food isle, there’s SO much to choose from. Many brands have claims all over the front and it can get so confusing as to what you should buy.  When you do finally decide what you think is best for a pet food, you do it based on […]

Antibiotic Damage Treatment

The bacteria that live inside us affects our digestion, immune response, and even our mood. This connection between physical and emotional is making it more vital that we take care of our gut as best we can.  When we discuss antibiotics, the problem is that even though you may feel better, the antibiotics kill all […]

Mistakes With Titers

As a pet owner, you may have heard about Titer testing. However. If misunderstood, this can cost you money and harm to your pet. Titer Testing – What is It?  In a quick explanation, Titer testing measures the amount of antibody to a given disease in your animal. If the results come back positive for […]