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Don’t Let Instant Gratification Fool You

Instant Gratification.  It’s a common concept that everyone has come to love. If we need or want something, we expect it to be instant, no matter what.  The Internet is a culprit of this, especially with the rise in popularity of social media. However, this has now made us want everything instantly. If we see […]

Are You Poisoning Your Pet to Kill Fleas??

Hello Summer Weather! The time is fast approaching and it’s almost summer. The nicer weather means hiking, swimming, biking, and just enjoying the outside.  Well, for us.  For our pets. Not so much.  With summer approaching, that means more insects and pests that are going to bother our pets. This includes one of the worst–fleas. […]

Away with the Diagnosis — Let’s Get to the Cure

Chances are, you’re spending way too much money on treatment for your animals.  You see they are possibly allergic to something, and the first thing you do (understandably so) is head to the vet.  Now of course, sometimes testing is involved in order to figure out exactly what they’re allergic to.  But what if there […]

Could Cytopoint Be The Answer To Your Itchy Pet?

We all know the curse of the canine itch. If you’ve ever seen your dog go through this, then you know the agony they go through. Constant itching, bitching, and even loss of sleep go along with this problem.  So could the answer be Cytopoint?    What Is It?   Cytopoint is an injectable drug, […]

The Answer to Itchiness Isn’t an Either/Or Statement

We all know what it feels like to be witness to the unbearable itching that can take over our pets.  We know we want to do something to immediately help them, but could that immediate fix, backfire on us?  It seems that many people are stuck in the logic realm we’ll call Either/Or.  People believe […]

The Inevitable

It’s going to happen and we all know it, but hate to acknowledge it.  At some point, our beloved pets are going to pass away. It’s the way life goes but nobody wants to talk about it.  Instead of ignoring what is going to happen eventually, why not have an idea of how to go […]

Seizures – What’s The Deal?

Have you ever experienced your dog having a seizure?  If you have, you know how uncontrollable it is. You can’t control what is happening and you just have to wait it out.  Your dog is helpless in that moment and it’s terrifying not knowing how long it will last or what is happening.  After a […]

Itchy Dog Disease 101

It’s About That Time It happens every year. The weather starts to warm up and the long walks with your dog are finally back. For once you’re finally not freezing and don’t have to hurry back inside. You and your dogs are enjoying the outside and then it begins.  They stop in their tracks.  And […]

No Shocker. Pets are good for your health!

This may not come as much of a shock to some of you, but pets have been proven to be good for your health.  I mean think about it. When you’re on the couch with your pet and cuddling with them, do you ever notice how you feel? It’s probably pretty good, right?  You might […]

Canine Immune Complete International Version.

We like to update our International friends, we are a few weeks away from being able to ship our new Canine Immune Complete International Version. We will email you when it’s ready for purchase. Thank you.