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How to Brush Dogs Teeth By Yourself

If you’ve had your pet since they were a pup or kitten, you know how bright white their teeth were. 

If you look at that same pet now, check to see how their teeth look. Are they still a bright white? Or has the color gotten a little more dull? 

If they still look white, then you’ve been doing something right. If they don’t that’s okay! There’s an easy fix to achieve whiter teeth for your pet at home for cheap. 

What to Do? 

When looking for natural routes to figure out what to do, we typically look at the ancestors. 

The best thing to start with is providing raw bones at least 3 days a week. 

Why Raw Bones? 

  • Best dog and cat “toothbrush’
  • Anesthetic-free dentals for pets
  • Source of available, digestible calcium for strong bones and teeth
  • Calcium and phosphorus ratios are perfect

Raw Bone Benefits: 

  • Clean teeth and healthy gums 
  • Bad breath is unheard of with regular raw bone feeding
  • Lower cost and safer than anesthetics
  • Strong teeth and strong bones which means fractures are less likely
  • Balanced nutrition, especially if meat is prominent in your dog’s diet

Where to Find Raw Bones? 

It can be difficult to track down raw bones. You can always check for deer processing places and small, local butchers. 

Once you find the raw bones, start giving them to your pet and you will notice a difference in those teeth! They will also love it too!

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Vital Pet Health

Vital Pet Health

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