Instantly‌ ‌Gratified‌ ‌Health?‌

We live in a society that is based on instant gratification. Anything that we need or could want can be fulfilled quickly. 

We can thank the Internet for this. It has given us this instantly gratified world in which we live. If there is something that we need, it’s literally at the tip of our fingertips. 

Any interest that can be thought of can be found on the Internet. Whether this is beauty, or games, personal health or even food, we can have it instantly. 

Even your credit card can be saved to make your fulfillment that much faster.

But what if we are promised health instantly? 



If you or your pet is ever promised instantly gratified health, beware. Symptoms are a cause for concern relating to disease and fixing this at the pop of a pill bottle can be a dangerous path. 

With powerful drugs, symptoms can practically disappear. Steroids are common when it comes to relieving symptoms. Although your pet may seem better rather quickly, it also means the problem itself is being covered up rather than taken care of.

Once your pet is used to the medications given, eventually they don’t work as well. This can cause recurrence of the original symptoms you went in for. Once this begins you can be on a never ending cycle of finding different drugs to treat the symptoms. 

The problem with this is it never ends and you’re also putting your pet at risk for side effects. These side effects can be minor to life threatening but you’ll never know until your pet takes whatever drug is prescribed. 

What is important to focus on is the problem itself. If you actively work to treat the problem rather than covering up the symptoms, you could have a better chance at avoiding more health issues. 

Instead of instantly gratifying you should look towards curing. When you work to cure the problem, your pet will thank you. 

Ways to do this could be starting with supplementation. When your pet takes immune boosting supplements to help avoid sickness, it can make everything easier on them. 

Another option is to find a homeopathic vet. They work towards curing the problem and not prescribing something quick to mask whatever is happening. When you go this route it definitely requires patience, but over time you’ll start to notice a change within your pet. 

They will gradually make changes that will help you realize it’s working. The benefit to this is that it’s risk free. Instead of medications that come with side effects, there are natural routes taken to ensure your pet’s safety. 

Let us know what you find works best for you!

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