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How Often Should Dogs Get Shots

It never fails. 

In some way, shape, or form you’ll get a message saying that your pet is due for their shots. 

In conventional medicine, it is common to get these reminders whenever Vets deem it necessary for more shots for your pet. 

The reminders say, “Make an Appointment Today!” 

Without thinking you might schedule the appointment right then and there so you don’t forget later. 

Before you hurry and make that appointment and hop in your car to head to the vet, let’s think about this. 

Current Veterinary Therapy, volume IX, 1992 writes, “A practice that was started many years ago and that lacks scientific validity or verification is annual re-vaccinations. Almost without exception there is no immunologic requirement for annual re-vaccinations. Immunity to viruses persists for years or for the life of the animal.”

The authors of this were veterinary immunologists who were widely known in their field. 


So why do we focus so much on re-vaccinating? 


Vaccines are a business. 

The more vaccines sold, the more money is made. 

It’s really that simple. 

But if you were debating on whether or not to get a vaccine, you may want to know what’s in it, and what it entails. 

If you take the time to look into vaccines, you might notice an extensive list of side effects.

This of course may not be outright told to you, but if you take the time to do some research on vaccines, you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you and your pet. 

The goal is to have our pets as vital as they can be, and that also requires work on our part to make decisions we see best for them. 

Let us know what you think.

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Vital Pet Health

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1 comment

    I’m struggling with this right now! The last time I had my Rough Coat Collie vaccinated for rabies, he had an allergic reaction. I had to rush him back to the vets office for a shot of antihistamine and one of a steroid. He was ok after a few minutes. I called the breeder afterwards and she said to never have him vaccinated again! Only problem is that, as far as the rabies vaccine goes, it’s hard to find someone to groom him without being up to date on his vaccination. Let alone breaking to law in Tennessee by not keeping him up to date. What to do???

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