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Peek behind the scenes of Canine Immune Complete!

My partner in bringing you our first physical product, Dr. Scott Treadway, has been in the compounding and natural supplement business for decades now. From natural sourced nutrients to his special Ayurvedic formulas, he knows what he’s doing.

Luckily for us, he shared some pictures of the plant where it all happens, and I was blown away. In a state of the art facility in California, to get this to you and your dog…

…it takes a special clean facility like his, full of stainless steel equipment…

… operated by a “clean team” to get the mixing properly done and those many, many bottles filled for you…

…so we can get this onto the trucks to our fulfillment center and from there to you and your lucky dog’s dish!

Cool, right? But the coolest part is what Canine Immune Complete will do for your dog. Like no other immune booster on the market, it will bring “immune intelligence” and balanced responses to all kinds of immune challenges, from:

  • Infectious diseases (goodbye kennel cough, dog flu, parvo, etc!) to…
  • Vaccination (should you feel you need one or are pressured into one by a rabies “law” [more on that coming soon…] to…
  • Autoimmune disease (one scary consequence of the vaccination decision and several of the heartworm drugs out today) to…
  • Allergies (a less scary consequence but still a major disrupter of normal life) to…
  • The Big C (what is cancer really, but an immune system asleep at the switch?)

The good news is, we are fully open and shipping around the world!

Don’t wait, especially with the heightened need to support the immune system of your dogs now in this crazy “Time of Pandemic.” Order your Canine Immune Complete now and happily ignore the fear of ANY virus du jour that’s making the news.

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