At Vital Pet Health, we aim to be a viable solution to all the mainstream toxic products that we give to our cats all the time. Food, flea killer, and vet-given drugs have all been found to contain elements that can ultimately harm your cat.

Our cat products are here to combat that. Our Feline Immune Formula combines well with our Vital Animal Detox to help your cat’s immune system fight off the toxic materials in the environment and make them cleaner and healthier overall.

What Do Our Cat Health Products Do?
Take the Feline Immune Formula, for instance. You simply spray it three times a day on your cat’s food, and within two weeks, you can expect your cat to have developed better reactions to seasonal allergies, a healthier coat, and be more energetic and vibrant overall.

Then, you can add in our Vital Animal Detox, also a direct spray on food, to reenergize your cat’s liver and kidneys, which are responsible for cleaning out waste from the body.

Altogether, Vital Pet Health’s cat health products are just what your cat needs to live a stronger, cleaner, healthier life with you.

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