If you’re like us, you want the best for your pets so that they can lead a long, healthy, happy life by your side. The problem is, as if environmental toxins, heavy metals, and other pollutants weren’t bad enough, many dog foods and treats, as well as health and beauty dog products, contain harmful synthetic ingredients.

Vital Pet Health’s products are made with only the highest quality all-natural ingredients. We consult with top animal health experts to ensure our dog products are safe and effective for dogs.

How Our Dog Products Help Your Pets
Vital Pet Health products are formulated to deliver to your pets all the benefits of the best animal health solutions on the market today, without all the synthetic preservatives and potentially toxic extraneous ingredients you would find in other dog products.

Our Canine Detox Formula with Micronized Zeolite for dogs is designed to revitalize natural detoxification organs in the canine body, such as the liver and kidney, and works in concert with our Canine Immune Formula with Transfer Factor & AFA, which use polypeptides to boost the ability of your pet’s immune systems to identify harmful pathogens.

Shop the Vital Pet Health line of dog products below and you’ll see the difference!

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