Who we are

Animals Are Our Passion

How It Started

Dr. Will Falconer

When I left conventional medicine after seven years to pursue retraining in holistic methods, I had no idea how far I’d go. I knew there had to be a better way to practice vet medicine, but that turned out not to be enough. I discovered our animals were suffering far too often from chronic disease. Worse: it was all man made. Worse yet: most often the damage was done in the name of “prevention.”

A blog was started and courses followed, to help the pets’ humans get smart about true, natural prevention. I found my role to be one of warning my pack of followers about the latest drugs and their side effects and the “ill-logic” of many of my colleagues who were knowingly or unknowingly still practicing blind to the illness they were creating. This has struck a chord, apparently, as I’m known for honestly reporting from the holistic side of the practice fence, having made all the usual mistakes in conventional practice in my early years.

As my readership grows, my students report back on the night/day experience of changing their packs to a natural path, and those who find me after a tragic loss are now fully dedicated to never letting that happen to another animal in their care.

When I had the chance to influence more people by collaborating with this current group of brilliant minds and actually create unique, top quality preventative supplements that would help countless animals and their owners, I leapt.

Dr. Scott Treadway

Dr. Treadway is a man of many talents. He’s been teaching, lecturing, and publishing in the field of Nutritional Science for the past thirty five years with a specialty in Traditional Medicine. His experience includes clinical training, practice and development and manufacture of specialty herbal formulations.

He holds a Doctorate of Ayurved from Sind Ayurved, Mumbai and an accredited doctorate in Asian Medicine and Vedic Science from the Union Institute. Dr. Treadway has researched, developed, published educational courses books articles as well as being published himself!

He’s an innovator, a visionary, and a purveyor of health. He is the author of several books on Traditional Medicine and Naturally Occurring Nutrition. His current working inspiration stems from his determined desire to share and restore the benefits of traditional medicine and Naturally Occurring nutrition to everyone!