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How It Started

Dr. Will Falconer

When I left conventional medicine after seven years to pursue retraining in holistic methods, I had no idea how far I’d go. I knew there had to be a better way to practice vet medicine, but that turned out not to be enough. I discovered our animals were suffering far too often from chronic disease. Worse: it was all man made. Worse yet: most often the damage was done in the name of “prevention.”

A blog was started and courses followed, to help the pets’ humans get smart about true, natural prevention. I found my role to be one of warning my pack of followers about the latest drugs and their side effects and the “ill-logic” of many of my colleagues who were knowingly or unknowingly still practicing blind to the illness they were creating. This has struck a chord, apparently, as I’m known for honestly reporting from the holistic side of the practice fence, having made all the usual mistakes in conventional practice in my early years.

As my readership grows, my students report back on the night/day experience of changing their packs to a natural path, and those who find me after a tragic loss are now fully dedicated to never letting that happen to another animal in their care.

When I had the chance to influence more people by collaborating with this current group of brilliant minds and actually create unique, top quality preventative supplements that would help countless animals and their owners, I leapt.

Dr. Scott Treadway

For the past thirty five years Dr.Treadway has taught, lectured and published in the field of Nutritional Science with a specialty in Traditional Medicine.  His experience includes clinical training, practice and development and manufacture of specialty herbal formulations.  

He holds a Doctorate of Ayurved from Sind Ayurved, Mumbai and an accredited doctorate in Asian Medicine and Vedic Science from the Union Institute.  Dr. Treadway is published in his field and has researched, developed, and published educational courses, books, and articles. 

He has created, revitalized, and developed many traditional and contemporary medicinal products and equipment related to his fields of study.  His current working inspiration stems from a determined desire to share and restore the benefits of traditional medicine and Naturally Occurring nutrition to everyone. 





Jason, a former Military Intelligence Officer who like many in his generation had their course shaped by the events of September 11, 2001 spent years in both military and civilian government capacities before returning to his roots as a health enthusiast to follow his purpose of helping people with their health including raising their Health IQ not only to benefit them but also their pets. With over 25 years of experience, training and self guided research in the fields of health, nutrition, detoxification, Ayurveda and bio-hacking he’s committed himself to a path blessed by Saint Raphael the Archangel of health and healing. Utilizing the skills, training and education acquired through the last 25 years in both the military and as a civilian, he along with his partners Scott and Will aim to deliver an unparalleled approach to educating their clients and delivering to them the finest products on the market.

Motivated by the love of animals, especially our own domesticated companions, he’s committed to the re-education of interested pet owners who have been purposely misguided for far too long by the big money interests that benefit from this misinformation and the willingness of owners to spend on their pets.

He felt the love and loyalty shown to us by our most cherished companions deserved the unequivocal best, and has worked with his distinguished partners, trailblazers in their respective fields, on this passion project that will deliver to you and your pets the cleanest, Non-GMO, Soy Free, Preservative-Free, whole-food sourced, naturally occurring, human quality animal supplements on the market today. Using their unique Micronization technology, which is more potent than liposomal delivery systems thus making these nutrients more bio-available, your four legged family members will enjoy the benefits of enhanced absorption, better health and all the while making our products more cost effective.

This technology has never been available for your pets before, until now. Until Vital Pet Health!