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Science or Normalcy?

When we are giving recommendations for our pets, do we do so based on scientific facts or what we think we know?

Sometimes we have heard something repeated over and over again that we think it to be true. But is it true or just repeated into normalcy?

A few things we are talking about that might seem like a new way of thinking are:

  • Realizing that dogs are not children and do not need their teeth to be brushed
  • Realizing that money can be behind health recommendations and repeated vaccinations are not necessary
  • Realizing that harmful ingredients are sold in medications to block fleas
  • Realizing that homeopathic medicine can cure disease

With the age of online opinions, a lot of noise can come about with differing views on what is normal. 

There will always be differing opinions on every decision that you make for your pet, so it’s up to you to decide what is best.

Of course you are going to hear from your vet what they think you should do, but you ultimately have the final say.

One example is when it comes to common health recommendations, we assume that frequent vaccinations are normal. But are they? 

To answer this question, we reference Dr. John A. Ioannidis who has challenged what seems to be common medical research in an article in The Atlantic.

In his findings, “as much as 90 percent of the published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed…Yet for all his influence, he worries that the field of medical research is so pervasively flawed, and so riddled with conflicts of interest, that it might be chronically resistant to change—or even to publicly admitting that there’s a problem.”

Although we know what seems to be common sense, we also have the right to question it. And that is exactly what Dr. Ioannidis does. If Doctors are relying on flawed medical research to support reasonings and recommendations for you, wouldn’t you want to know? 

It’s important to do the research when it comes to making decisions for your pet, but that can be extremely difficult. There are opinions and recommendations all over the place. So what do you do? 

How do you know you’re making the right decisions for your pet? 

We always suggest starting where the side effects are positive. 

If you are wanting to make health decisions to benefit your pet, try starting with a homeopathic doctor. They will prescribe your pet a way of healing that avoids prescriptions, vaccinations, and other suggestions that come with a list of side effects. 

If you go to a vet and they give your pet a prescription, there can be an endless amount of side effects that come along with that prescription. It may work instantly, yes. But in terms of health, instant healing should not be a goal. 

If you make the decision to give homeopathy a shot, it’s important to stay consistent and patient. Choosing homeopathy over a conventional vet will take time and patience. You won’t be prescribed a quick fix for your pet, so it’s important to really give it time to notice any changes within your pet.

Another tip we have is to provide your pet with immune boosters! When your pet’s immune system is functioning properly, you’re already working towards prevention of disease and sickness. 

We recommend Canine Immune Complete to do the job!

Ultimately, normalcy is not always correct. You have the right to question recommendations and make the decisions you see best fit for your pet. 

Have you gone against the usual recommendations before? If so, let us know how your journey has been in the comments!

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Vital Pet Health

Vital Pet Health

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